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Some important info

How far does your service range? We offer same day delivery around Marin and the Bay Area but will travel to LA, Lake Tahoe and about any place you'd like to send us. Contact us for rates.

Do I need to have an account to do a delivery? Absolutely not, you can pay with check, cash or credit card per job if you like or if you are a frequent user you can opt to be billed monthly. Receipts provided via email or at time of delivery if needed.

How should my package be prepared for delivery? Please try and have your delivery ready for pickup as if you were mailing it, especially if it's fragile. At the very least please have the delivery address and recipient info on the delivery somewhere for our couriers.

Is my package insured? All packages are insured for $50, if additional insurance is required please call for information.  

How does the service work? We offer same day, standard 4 hour, rush 2 hour and when conditions permit a 1 hour super rush service. Typically the order is picked up in the first half of the delivery window. So if you call a 4 hour delivery in to SF at 10am it's set to be delivered by 2pm so we'll usually pickup by 12, same logic goes for all the other services. Same day delivery available till 10am deliver by 5 then 4hr available till 2pm. After 2pm all services for delivery that day priced as 2hr or 1hr depending on need. 

How do you price your deliveries? Generally jobs are priced at $2.25 per mile for 4 hour service, add %50 for 2 hour and 100% for the 1 hour. Same day service is %10 less than our 4 hour rate. Our minimum fee is $39. Some of the other factors we take into consideration are bridges, traffic patterns, remote locations. Contact us for an exact quote.

What kind of packages do you deliver? We are a small to medium size package delivery service. We can do up to approximately 20 file sized boxes. We deliver samples, wine, legals docs, plans, drawings, small furniture, taxes, etc.. No people but we have delivered the occasional pet!!

Marin Courier Express - 415 - 621 - 3522

Contact Information

Marin Courier Express

Phone: 415-621-3522


Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8-6pm

Sat: Limited service - Call

Sun: Limited service - Call


396 Pine Hill Rd #37

Mill Valley CA 94941

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